Ready to celebrate?

The reason, we’ve launched the all-new! WFilm is the new name for our organization formerly known as the Women’s Film Institute. This refreshing of our web identity is the first step in an extensive rebranding process since our founding in 2004. You may ask why? Well, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings of presenting a three-day film festival and have transformed into a thriving global movement of individuals, professionals, and organizations dedicated to bringing greater diversity to the film and entertainment industry. WFilm Institute has showcased over 600 films from around the world and has been a premiere venue and platform to showcase the voices of emerging artists to high profile celebrities.

Ultimately, there is no better time to expand upon our mission to meet the demand of our online audience and creative community. We’re working on some amazing things!

In May 2018, WFilm will unveil our first online indie film festival and awards competition with a goal of reaching 250,000 audience members, as well as a new suite of artist development programs that offer aspiring and creative professionals with year-round support.  

“For fourteen years, WFilm Institute has been committed to uniting diverse voices and audiences through the power of visual storytelling,” adds Scarlett Shepard, Founder. “I’m thrilled to see WFilm Institute’s core values and future strategy come together to ensure that many more generations have the tools necessary to tell their stories and be seen by a wider audience.”

Stay tuned and please visit us often. Here you will find everything from our blog, to deadlines, to the latest developments with the inaugural online film festival.

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